Steam Plus has been in business since 1973 and we still have many of our original customers. We pride ourselves on being prompt, reliable and fair.

We base our price on square footage.

Our Full Service carpet cleaning costs 28¢ per square foot. A standard flight of 13 stairs is $40. Halls are $1.50 per linear foot.

Our Maintenance cleaning offers a discount of approximately 20% off the Full Service price.

There are no hidden charges.

No "travel charges", no "pre-conditioning charges" and no extra charges for a 2 man crew. It takes 2 men to do the job right and we always send 2 men.

Our work is guaranteed.

If spots re-appear, or you are not satisfied with the way an area looks, we will gladly return and re-clean the area.

We also offer Upholstery cleaning.

Please contact us for further information and prices.

Full Service

  • All furniture is moved, cleaned under and replaced.
  • Heavy traffic areas are double cleaned, usually on our hands and knees.
  • Edges, corners, doorways and closets are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Walking paper will be placed on pathways, as requested.


  • The same detail oriented cleaning as our Full Service but without moving the major furniture. (i.e. Beds, dressers)
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