At Steam Plus, we charge 28¢ per square foot of carpeting. This is for a full service, detail oriented carpet cleaning.

  • All furniture is moved and replaced
  • Heavy traffic areas are double cleaned, usually on our hands and knees
  • Special attention is paid to edges and corners
  • Closets cleaned free
  • Plastic shoe covers provided

We also offer Maintenance Cleaning (all open areas) for 20% less

Please use the form below to estimate the cost for your carpet cleaning.

Use the TAB key to move from field to field.
Round off room sizes to the nearest foot. Do not enter inches.
A standard flight of stairs (13) is $40. Landings are extra.
For halls, enter the length to the nearest foot.

  Length Width Price
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Hall (length)
Remember, this is an estimate.    Please contact us for an exact price.
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